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Premier Office Installations

Dave's Office Installations, Inc., a Northern New Jersey-based company, is a leading provider of office space planning, design, and reconfiguration services for the New York Metropolitan Area. We also provide manpower and equipment to ease the burden of office relocations, providing storage space for your excess or seasonal furniture, and, when necessary, we can act as surplus liquidators.

We offer innovative space planning and design services using industry-leading software. Our experienced staff will help you resolve your office space requirements and project a positive influence over your office environment through increased worker efficiency and productivity.

office furniture

Trust the Experts

Our expertise in modular office design, which blends high-quality pre-owned/used office furniture and accessories from our extensive inventory of premier brands, will provide the right solution at a low cost.

We’ve been serving businesses in the metropolitan area for over fifteen years. We offer a level of professionalism unequaled by any dealer anywhere and our no-pressure sales method speaks for the quality of our merchandise.

Visit Us Today

Whether you are buying or selling, Dave's Office Installations, Inc. can offer a wide range of services, from reconfiguring your offices to relocation, buyback, or asset management. Whatever the challenge, we can provide the optimum plan and value for your office needs.

Contact Dave's Office Installations, Inc. Today!