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Our COVID-19 Office Layouts & Workspaces

When companies are allowed to have their employees return to the workplace, what can the individual expect to see on their first day back to the office?

Employees will have to feel they are in a safe place and their employer is taking care of them on their return to the workplace. We can anticipate that there will be a need to ensure some sort of social distancing throughout the office, both in personal contact, but also in workplace and workstation proximity.

This will be a challenge for many companies who have squeezed too may workstations into their office space. Over the last 10 years densities have increased dramatically, resulting in employees sitting closer together and sharing more space than had been in the past.

office desks

We Create the Workspace Environment

Management will need to look at creating a workspace environment for their employees, which could result in fewer workstations.

New guidelines will need to be established to help reduce the chance of infection from COVID-19.

The new design will include plexiglass and/or tempered glass privacy screens between work areas.

Do You Have Questions or Concerns? Call Us for Assistance

To truly set employees up for success, organizations should prioritize workspaces that offer privacy. Individual spaces give employees a safe haven to accomplish individual tasks that require concentration.

We will have one of our project managers meet with you to evaluate your office environment to determine an expeditious and cost-effective approach to providing a safe workspace for you and your employees.

Call the office at 973-607-4597 or reach us direct at 973-713-1599. You can also email us at or

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